Gaming Time


Lately, I’ve been missing pixel world‘s. Worlds created just for gamers.

World‘s where i’ve spent way to many hours. 

I’ve killed thousands of Orc’s and Skelton’s

seen creatures I can’t even describe

and felt the heat of

nonexistent suns

and underwater worlds

whose beauty surpassed reality.

I yearn for scenery both fake and real

For game play and friends both near and far

Those that left

Those that stayed.

I miss nonexistent pallyful powers

Corpse runs in the middle of FV

Learning how to kite

And two box

Unreality and PON

and Laughter and playfulness

I learned teamwork and how to do a

Proper, LOH(Lay on hands)

I also learned how to die with my team.

I miss it all, the way an addict misses ice cream

But you can’t go back.

Not to a boyfriend

Or to a game.

Because in the end, it will never be the same.

I gave them up

To create illusions out of nothing.

Applied to paper in the form of words

That I hope someday

Will be a true enjoyment for others.

This post, however, is dedicated to those who I’ve spent quality time with.

Azlayen, Razma, Meeka, Wrake, Caliktil, and my adopted son Yardwyn.

Who memories keep me amused still.

From East Freeport to the Butcher-block mountains

and Azeroth and beyond.

Cim says, “hi.”

To those I miss

And those I still talk to

Thank you. It was a fun ride!.


Spring time in Alaska.

Spring time in Alaska!

Temps holding steady at.. 45. Which means we can go outside without our coats on! Note the glacier in the front yard!

front yard

 And this is my drive way! If your wondering. I have shoveled this by hand!


Warm enough to be outside and cold enough to stay in!

Just another day at Home

Visions of Alaska!

This was taken at 9 a.m! My front yard! It’s not quite that spacious, (all in the angle!)


Here’s me on my birthday.. (level up up baby!)

2013 birthday number 46 baby

Yes, there is a line straight down the middle, it’s a self portrait from a mirrored medicine cabinet. Sure, I could have posted one of me smiling, but personally, I think my smiles sorta, well boring, and this is more me when I’m thinking hard.

The shirt was one my son left when he moved out, so naturally when I’m missing him (don’t feel sorry for me, he lives across town!).. I wear his shirt!

Yo, Moose at the old Hyundai? Go lick someone else’s car!


Just another day in the life of your ordinary Alaskan Geek.  Note, I stayed in side for all of these photo’s. Cold is cold people! J.

Favorite books through out my life.

I have a vivid memory at the age of 8, of being stuck in the library. My mother was on one of those dreaded parent teacher conferences. You know the ones. Where you get scolded the moment you get home for “not paying attention in class,”…but I was! I just couldn’t see the chalkboard (but that is another true story, one for another time).

I stood in the library perusing the shelves, I don’t know what made me pick it out. It could have been recommended to me, or perhaps I found them on my own. The Bobsey Twins became the first books that I read from cover to cover, book after book. They became my first real series.

The second book I recall loving as a child, was “the Witch Family.” About an old grumpy witch who was so bad, she was forced to live on a glass hill and could only come down on Halloween. I loved that book. I must have checked it out of the library a hundred times.

Time passed, I got older. My tastes changed. I was fifteen when I picked up the book, “Dragonsinger,” By Anne McCaffrey. I fell in love with her world, with her vision, with her story telling ability. I have every one of her books. Some in hardback, some in paper and yes, some in kindle.

That brings us to DragonLance. I discovered this while I was living with my son’s father, he who shall not be named, (couldn’t resist). I lived in this book, I loved the story lines, how sweet Caramon was (when he wasn’t bashing out someone’s brains, ) how much he loved the bar maid. How evil was Raistlin? To this day, I wonder. Did Caramon save him from being tortured endlessly by the Queen of Darkness, or is he now still being tortured? (Questions, questions, questions).

I’ve read several dozen books since then.. Elizabeth moon’s “the Speed of Dark,”, A hundred Grace Living Stone hill books, author’s to many to mention, and all this brings me to.. Rowling, you know the one. J.K, and her beloved Harry Potter series. I along with millions read her books the day they came out, stayed up till well past midnight, consumed words like some Draven Winterbourn consumed Chocolate treats.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m a reader. I’m that person. The one who read, J. A. Belfield’s Darkness and Light and cried when the heroine cried, who read Crux by Julie Reece, who gasped and choked back laughter.

I’m that person. The one who falls eyes first into a world and forget to come out, and.. I’m okay with that because I know you’re there to. An anonymous person on the other side of the computer screen and you’re right there reading with me. Aren’t we having fun?


Writing a book takes a lot of time.

Time, that I could be spending, doing the dishes, the laundry or even cleaning the house.

Time, I take away from my husband, my son, my friends.

I gave up TV, Video games, reading, and I had a book a day habit.  (Yes, you read that right!)

I gave it up to live in a land created by my imagination, to soar in the sky with imaginary dragons or throw fireballs at clouds.

Time is a finite space, and we only have so much of it. Make time, just a little bit today, to do something you want to. Whether it’s vacuuming the carpets, doing the dishes, or learning photography. Make sure  you’ve done something today that you genuinely want to do.

If my life ends today, I’ll be grateful. For friends who have come into my life, for husbands who allows me dream at the tips of my fingertips and for time, time to do so many wonderful and imaginary things in life.

What are you making time for?