Just another day at Home

Visions of Alaska!

This was taken at 9 a.m! My front yard! It’s not quite that spacious, (all in the angle!)


Here’s me on my birthday.. (level up up baby!)

2013 birthday number 46 baby

Yes, there is a line straight down the middle, it’s a self portrait from a mirrored medicine cabinet. Sure, I could have posted one of me smiling, but personally, I think my smiles sorta, well boring, and this is more me when I’m thinking hard.

The shirt was one my son left when he moved out, so naturally when I’m missing him (don’t feel sorry for me, he lives across town!).. I wear his shirt!

Yo, Moose at the old Hyundai? Go lick someone else’s car!


Just another day in the life of your ordinary Alaskan Geek.  Note, I stayed in side for all of these photo’s. Cold is cold people! J.


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