Gaming Time


Lately, I’ve been missing pixel world‘s. Worlds created just for gamers.

World‘s where i’ve spent way to many hours. 

I’ve killed thousands of Orc’s and Skelton’s

seen creatures I can’t even describe

and felt the heat of

nonexistent suns

and underwater worlds

whose beauty surpassed reality.

I yearn for scenery both fake and real

For game play and friends both near and far

Those that left

Those that stayed.

I miss nonexistent pallyful powers

Corpse runs in the middle of FV

Learning how to kite

And two box

Unreality and PON

and Laughter and playfulness

I learned teamwork and how to do a

Proper, LOH(Lay on hands)

I also learned how to die with my team.

I miss it all, the way an addict misses ice cream

But you can’t go back.

Not to a boyfriend

Or to a game.

Because in the end, it will never be the same.

I gave them up

To create illusions out of nothing.

Applied to paper in the form of words

That I hope someday

Will be a true enjoyment for others.

This post, however, is dedicated to those who I’ve spent quality time with.

Azlayen, Razma, Meeka, Wrake, Caliktil, and my adopted son Yardwyn.

Who memories keep me amused still.

From East Freeport to the Butcher-block mountains

and Azeroth and beyond.

Cim says, “hi.”

To those I miss

And those I still talk to

Thank you. It was a fun ride!.


7 thoughts on “Gaming Time

  1. So here I am feeling nostalgic, do a Google search and what do I find! Miss those days too, Cim.

    You’ll always be dear to my heart, we built some great memories. I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Squishy Ranger

  2. Lol. Well I aim to please. How’s Alaska, aside from cold and dark? Feel free to email if you’d prefer. Probably easier than tying up your blog.

    1. I don’t have your email address :(. (checked too! lol). Are you on facebook? I’m there under Sheryl Winters (author) hmm. (and the family is fine. You’d be amazed how old Seth is now)

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