Anything but the dishes


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This is the practical side to writing.


  1. Show and Tell
  2. Death to Adverbs
  3. Everyone’s right and your way is wrong.


The remembering of details can seem overwhelming. What to remember when writing an article, short story, or even long story. Who is right, when your reading a critique.


There is another side to publishing that most people forget.


It’s that long and lonely path to publication. It’s where the majority of us quit. It’s confusing, frustrating and at times makes you heart sick.


Skydreamer took longer than I estimated to write.


Beta readers quit.


Some continued and then… offered no suggestions.


Editors have cost me much more than I’ve budgeted and given back so much less than they could have. More than one has quit.


I often feel as if I’m on a road full of pebbles, barefoot, inching my way towards progress.


There are days when it seems that everyone around me is living my dream and I take great courage in that thought because I have a life that has never been strewn with flowers. I will always need that one extra step, I will always feel as if everyone else has jumped over my hurdle with a good two foot clearance to spare.


I am still on my road to progress. Skydreamer is at yet another editor. Maybe it will work, maybe it will take another ten tries. My footsteps are always a little to the left of everyone else’s, a little further apart. My goals are the same, my struggles are the same and I’ll get there. Maybe a little slower than everyone else but the journey will be just as rewarding.


To those who are walking side by side with me. Those of you who have hurdles you feel will never be crossed, this post is for you.  We can do it. I firmly believe that we can do anything we put our minds to, except perhaps the dishes but even that’s okay, because we’re writer’s. We had better something better planned for today anyway!







It’s 11:30 p.m. Often people ask me how light it is at night. This picture shows how light it is. Light enough to read a paper, to mow the lawn, to play outside. Welcome to Alaska.

Why I should never blog about my kid.

There are some things you instinctively know… like….

Never blog about your kid!!!

They grow up, they learn to read.  Suddenly, that cute thing you posted when they were the tender age of ten comes back to haunt you.

“So,” The apple of my eye snarls at me from the other side of the phone, “back when I was ten you posted about how I threw all my toys out the window. You also posted that I threw up all over the living room floor, on multiple occasion.”

Suddenly, you’re busted and rightfully so.

Now, I’m here, standing (okay, I’m sitting) before you.. posting about my kid.

Before I go on, a little information about me: I taught my son all of my unhealthy habits. He cusses because of me. He thinks dinner is “Pizza,” delivered, hot and fresh to the door.

He loves animals a little too much. He thinks the beverage of choice is soda, and worse of all. I taught him to get drunk when he was thirteen on a video game.

In my defense, he was only drunk in a game and “only,” because it changed the screen to uber wonkiness!

There have been times when I despaired: Homework, dishes, laundry, REPORT CARD, all were “fighten” words in our house.

Why, oh why, am I posting about him today? Because, there were times when I was sure I was the reason that anything wrong in his life was my fault. At yelling at them when they were going through their own tangles in life, about loving them a little too much.

What did he do to bring out that maternal gleam in my eye? He had a birthday.

Today, I checked out his Facebook page (hey, he lets me, it’s not spying if they say, “I don’t care and roll their eyes.”

Amidst all the well wishes and silly comments, was a simple note, “I appreciate you.”

So, while I’m tempted to ask him when he’s getting married or he if has any plans to actually see a green tree in his lifetime, instead, I’ll take this one day out of the year and just.. appreciate him!

Thanks for being my kid, kid.

When he was little.
When he was little.



Every now and then a craft project comes my way. I foolishly decided that yes, I CAN do this one!

Meah, it turned out okay.

I’ve made Bunny Pens (they worked okay, but Spreckles (male) kept figuring out how to get into Oreo (the female’) cage. Thank goodness he was fixed and he didn’t know it. Need I say DRUGS?

I made a table. It worked out fine, except my poor dear husband had to help me redo the entire bottom half. ( I built it strong enough for a platoon to jump on it.. then realized I couldn’t move it!)  IMG_0433

but I can’t do crafts.  Knitting (carpal tunnel), crocheting (see knitting), scrap-booking, … It’s a source of amusement for everyone who see’s it!

So of course, I foolishly decided that I could create a Family Birthday board.  Names and family members, I spruced it up by adding butterflies (It appears you can add to many butterflies).  It turned out….. well, you have to see it to know how it turned out.  Kinda okay with a sad twist to it.


and an important reminder for the hubby …bday

Interesting feature of today’s craft. It was made from a left board from a book case I made about 10 years ago. I cut, I stained, I varnished. I liked the extra board so much, I kept it. I also used old scrap booking material, embroidery thread from my attempts at cross stitching.

What’s the moral? (good question!) The moral is. You can create, it may not look professional, it may not even look good in some cases. Just try, you’ll never know what craft item you can make unless you try it! And if you don’t like it.. its okay, next week, we’ll explore the many ways to get rid of a bad crafting attempt!