Every now and then a craft project comes my way. I foolishly decided that yes, I CAN do this one!

Meah, it turned out okay.

I’ve made Bunny Pens (they worked okay, but Spreckles (male) kept figuring out how to get into Oreo (the female’) cage. Thank goodness he was fixed and he didn’t know it. Need I say DRUGS?

I made a table. It worked out fine, except my poor dear husband had to help me redo the entire bottom half. ( I built it strong enough for a platoon to jump on it.. then realized I couldn’t move it!)  IMG_0433

but I can’t do crafts.  Knitting (carpal tunnel), crocheting (see knitting), scrap-booking, … It’s a source of amusement for everyone who see’s it!

So of course, I foolishly decided that I could create a Family Birthday board.  Names and family members, I spruced it up by adding butterflies (It appears you can add to many butterflies).  It turned out….. well, you have to see it to know how it turned out.  Kinda okay with a sad twist to it.


and an important reminder for the hubby …bday

Interesting feature of today’s craft. It was made from a left board from a book case I made about 10 years ago. I cut, I stained, I varnished. I liked the extra board so much, I kept it. I also used old scrap booking material, embroidery thread from my attempts at cross stitching.

What’s the moral? (good question!) The moral is. You can create, it may not look professional, it may not even look good in some cases. Just try, you’ll never know what craft item you can make unless you try it! And if you don’t like it.. its okay, next week, we’ll explore the many ways to get rid of a bad crafting attempt!


2 thoughts on “Crafting

  1. I LOVE craft projects, anything arty. Just love your family birthday board. What a great idea. I’m terrible at remembering birthdays, so something like this would work great for me. 🙂 And funnily enough, I’m a march baby, too. March 11th!! 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed the board. It was actually fun to make. Think it needed to be a bit longer, but, I really did want to use that board.

      And.. we’re twins! Pisces’ that is! We will never forget each other’s birthday! hehe.

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