Why I should never blog about my kid.

There are some things you instinctively know… like….

Never blog about your kid!!!

They grow up, they learn to read.  Suddenly, that cute thing you posted when they were the tender age of ten comes back to haunt you.

“So,” The apple of my eye snarls at me from the other side of the phone, “back when I was ten you posted about how I threw all my toys out the window. You also posted that I threw up all over the living room floor, on multiple occasion.”

Suddenly, you’re busted and rightfully so.

Now, I’m here, standing (okay, I’m sitting) before you.. posting about my kid.

Before I go on, a little information about me: I taught my son all of my unhealthy habits. He cusses because of me. He thinks dinner is “Pizza,” delivered, hot and fresh to the door.

He loves animals a little too much. He thinks the beverage of choice is soda, and worse of all. I taught him to get drunk when he was thirteen on a video game.

In my defense, he was only drunk in a game and “only,” because it changed the screen to uber wonkiness!

There have been times when I despaired: Homework, dishes, laundry, REPORT CARD, all were “fighten” words in our house.

Why, oh why, am I posting about him today? Because, there were times when I was sure I was the reason that anything wrong in his life was my fault. At yelling at them when they were going through their own tangles in life, about loving them a little too much.

What did he do to bring out that maternal gleam in my eye? He had a birthday.

Today, I checked out his Facebook page (hey, he lets me, it’s not spying if they say, “I don’t care and roll their eyes.”

Amidst all the well wishes and silly comments, was a simple note, “I appreciate you.”

So, while I’m tempted to ask him when he’s getting married or he if has any plans to actually see a green tree in his lifetime, instead, I’ll take this one day out of the year and just.. appreciate him!

Thanks for being my kid, kid.

When he was little.
When he was little.

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