Anything but the dishes


2007-01-01 00.00.36



This is the practical side to writing.


  1. Show and Tell
  2. Death to Adverbs
  3. Everyone’s right and your way is wrong.


The remembering of details can seem overwhelming. What to remember when writing an article, short story, or even long story. Who is right, when your reading a critique.


There is another side to publishing that most people forget.


It’s that long and lonely path to publication. It’s where the majority of us quit. It’s confusing, frustrating and at times makes you heart sick.


Skydreamer took longer than I estimated to write.


Beta readers quit.


Some continued and then… offered no suggestions.


Editors have cost me much more than I’ve budgeted and given back so much less than they could have. More than one has quit.


I often feel as if I’m on a road full of pebbles, barefoot, inching my way towards progress.


There are days when it seems that everyone around me is living my dream and I take great courage in that thought because I have a life that has never been strewn with flowers. I will always need that one extra step, I will always feel as if everyone else has jumped over my hurdle with a good two foot clearance to spare.


I am still on my road to progress. Skydreamer is at yet another editor. Maybe it will work, maybe it will take another ten tries. My footsteps are always a little to the left of everyone else’s, a little further apart. My goals are the same, my struggles are the same and I’ll get there. Maybe a little slower than everyone else but the journey will be just as rewarding.


To those who are walking side by side with me. Those of you who have hurdles you feel will never be crossed, this post is for you.  We can do it. I firmly believe that we can do anything we put our minds to, except perhaps the dishes but even that’s okay, because we’re writer’s. We had better something better planned for today anyway!





4 thoughts on “Anything but the dishes

  1. An uplifting post, Sheryl. I have days were I wonder if I should carry on, too. But, you’re right, we’ll get there if we keep our minds on the job. 🙂

    1. I just keep telling myself, it’s my dream.

      If I let the stumbling blocks win, then i’m just another writer who let her story languish in the hard drive of her computer. We mustn’t let that happen, to you or to me!

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