The path before me.

I am that girl that thinks blue when everyone else is talking about the color red. Always two steps behind, when everyone else is three steps ahead.

I struggle with my writing every day.

The words stop cold.

They refuse to form.

They appear and.. then, I realize they are all wrong.

Yet, the vision always stays the same.

This story my mind has created is so beautiful, full of laughter and tears and love.. so much love.

That getting it down on paper has become the hardest hurdle I’ve ever come across.


When the world is against you .. it doesn’t mean you’re wrong.. sometimes it means.. your just on a different path.. one expressly made for you.

My path may not be filled with the fresh green grass and beautiful oak trees.  I’ve encountered thorn’s from the rose bushes which have scraped and clawed at my skin, leaving it raw and bleeding. Other times, tree’s wave high above my heads giving me that one brief moment that something i’ve written is good, just to see them topple over forcing me to jump and climb my way back to the starting point. This is my path. A path full of joy, anger, frustration and love.

There is beauty in the knowledge that some day, someone, will be able to experience the same joy reading my novel as I got writing it and that is definitely a good reason to keep moving forward.


It’s Release Day For My Book Paper Wishes! Wahoo!

Look who has a new book coming out! So excited!

Jennifer M Eaton

I am super excited to announce the release of my sweet romance “Paper Wishes”

I have to admit that this feels a little weird in August because it’s Winter in the world of “Paper Wishes”, but what better way to cool down then cuddling up on the beach with a book that makes you think of snow!

Paper Wishes FinalPaper wishes is about a single mother who writes down a wish on a piece of paper, but quickly forgets about it.  Funny thing about wishes.  They have a way of coming true even if you’ve forgotten about them, and when her best friend Jack makes a wish that might tear them apart, a little girl’s completely unrelated wish could bring them all together… if their wishes can be twisted to make them all come true.

This theme may seem familiar because “Paper Wishes” was originally published under the name “Jack and Jill”.  The title…

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