Is it a hobby? I’d like to think it’s a little bit more.

A few weeks back I sent my “big” story, Skydreamer, off to the editor. She’s a very busy lady so I’m content to wait until March for it to get finished. (March is my birth month, this will be a huge present to me).

There are days when I’m 100 percent confident that I can pull this off. That I can sell something I created out of my own head, other days… I’m convinced that despite all my hard work my book will up in the slush pile. Doomed before it’s even been read.

Why do I keep pressing on? It’s simple, because I have to. I have something to prove to myself. Something that many others are sure I’ll never pull off. It’s not the lure of money. From what I gather, writing is not a hobby that pays well. Instead, I press on because this is my goal. Because what if one of my stories reached someone’s heart? What if my characters became alive in someone else’s head? So much that they think about them for hours or even .. days after they’ve put the book down.

That’s why I write, I suspect it’s why others do as well but writing isn’t the only thing that can bring someone pleasure.  So today I urge you to pick up your old flute, take out that camera, pick up your pen and do something. Do something that someone else might enjoy, something that will make them think or feel or be alive even if its for a brief shining moment because it’s only then that we succeed, it’s only then that we live.