Striving forward

I’m that person.


You know the one. I trip over the dog, the cat. Miniscule pieces of fluff. I forget to put out the cat food and only seem to remember when my little furry friends are glaring at me from their position near their food bowls. My list of “problems to conquer,” is huge. So how does that qualify me for writing a book, a series?

It does because the more I make my brain work, the more creative I get. I’ll never be blessed with a hard drive memory, and I’m okay with that. Do I still try to recall everything possible? You betcha!

Will I continue writing even if it takes me a few years longer than anyone else? Of course! Why? Because to get the job done I have to keep trying, striving ever forward despite the obstacles.

To make your goal come true, you have to push forward. So take that step, stretch out your hand and I’ll be here by your side cheering you on.



6 thoughts on “Striving forward

  1. I’m that person, too, Sheryl. I’m clumsy and forgetful and I drive my husband nuts, but it’s because I live in my head most of the time. 🙂 Keep going, you’ll get there; that’s what I tell myself.

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