Something exciting lurks within.

Today, I have exciting news to share.

A few months ago I was looking around trying to find a publisher for my kitty cat story. It’s about a nice couple who fall in love and get married. Only to find that they are cursed. It’s up to Fhina, our beautiful Siberian Tiger shifter to figure out how to break both curses. A cute shifter romance with a lot of humor in it.

Being that it wasn’t your normal everyday romance, I was a little bit leery about it’s chances at being accepted in this big wide world of publishing.

So, I searched for a publisher. I found one that  was currently seeking stories for an Anthology. Naturally, I thought of my kitty story and sent it in. This weekend, to my great surprise, I got my answer. My very own short story, Purr-fect Mating, has been accepted by Roane Publishing.

I’ll be sharing more information with you as I get it but until then, i’ll leave you with this picture of my own kitty. Summer might not be a real Siberian Tiger, but she is a sweety.  summer 2


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