For the Love of Murphy

I received an Arc (advance copy of) For the Love of Murphy, as a beta read. I liked it so much; I bought it. Then I thought, hey? What if other people might want to know about this neat book. So, here I am, telling you about it.

Here’s the link where you can get it.

Here’s what each story is about (No Spoiler’s I don’t want to ruin your fun).

No wrong turns: I had a hard time moving to the next story after I read this one. Why? because there are some stories you read, and you just want to savor them a little longer. That is what No wrong turn was like. Instead of reading the rest of the stores as fast as possible. I gave this a few days, for the savor flavor!

Falling for You: There is nothing better than an old flame. This story managed to light up the candle inside my heart.

Coffee and Cufflinks: A saucy little tale that doesn’t disappoint.

A Slippery Slope: so cute. My definite favorite by one of my all time favorite writer’s. The ending, what can I say? She nailed it. The entire story was cute, just the perfect amount of aww.

The Shamrock Incident: Since I found London Saint James’s, Heart of Winter novels, I’ve been in love with her writing. Her sassy little love story hit the spot.

Each story was different yet wonderful, and together they made this Anthology a very refreshing read.


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