Learning curve

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I love that there is no learning curve to writing.
That the slowest most forgetful person can still inch their way towards publication
That a fast writer can get theirs written in a week or a month and published in a few months or a year.

Not the same speed
Completely different people
all using a simple thought to move towards their goal
of a poem
or a Thesis Paper

or a novel of mammoth proportions.

And it all starts with a simple thought.


4 thoughts on “Learning curve

    1. Em, I love that to. Everyone has a story and there is ROOM for everyone’s story. I wish more people would write, imagine what masterpieces, what Harry Potter books we are missing.

  1. YEssss! That’s why when everyone I met who finds out I’m an author and they say, “You know, I’ve always wanted to write a book” . . . I tell them . . . You should!

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