The only thing in your way is you.




Several years ago, I attended a Writer’s conference. The room was packed. Filled with aspiring writers, several hundred in fact. All on the edge of their chairs, eager to learn more about the golden globe of publication.
There were several speakers, the topics were great: geared towards helping each participant move forward but there was one thing that troubled me about this writer’s conference.
The theme was meant to discourage every person in the room.
“The chances of getting published is less than 5 percent.”
And I heard it in numerous classes.

What a terrible thing to tell a group of people.

Dash their hopes, smash their icecream on the floor. One participant left crying. I met her outside. She said she paid a lot of money to come to these classes for nothing.

She believed them.

And they were wrong.
You know what it takes to get published?

The only thing in life that stops you is yourself. Don’t let yourself stop you.


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