When you read a good romance, for a brief shining moment, your world is changed. It’s broadened expanded, it’s different. When I’m writing. I’m am 100% in love (if for a brief platonic period of time) with that hero. That gun toting horse riding, shining example of bad boy deliciousness. And the beauty of writing is such that I’ve also fallen for that shy, plain, turnip hating girl who has the courage to stand up to that bad boy. You know the girl; she’s had the hots for the hero for the last five or ten years or was it just overnight? Either way, I’m in love because they are in love.

When your writing, your applying pen to paper, shaping those two characters so that eventually I (and you) can understand why they’ve fallen in love. Why they care so much about each other that they would fall off a horse, rob a bank, or just admit they love each other in front of the entire town.

So tonight when you’re busy doing routine chores. I dare you to put the dishes back in the sink, to turn off that tv.

Go find a new book.

Go fall in love.


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