I’m a failure kind of girl and I admit it.

I make mistakes sometimes they are so small that only I notice them, they’ve also been known to come in medium sized or even the gigantic variety.
But…. I cook well.

Except for that cake I made yesterday.

All I did was open the oven to peek inside. I didn’t mean to shut the door so hard but the dog was barking and the phone was ringing.

The cake came out of the oven like a twisted martian landscape. Didn’t bother my husband at all, he added extra frosting and declared it good.
What does this have to do with making mistakes? A lot!

It’s okay!
It’s okay if that light pink cake icing turned Barney purple.
It’s okay if you forgot to get the laundry dry cleaned.

We live in a world full of people willing to chastise us publicly for the smallest thing out of place. It could be the color of your lipstick or your latest hair color. Vilifying us for that paper accidentally filed wrong.

Failure is a word. It’s not a belief system, so many people in this world, are afraid of making a mistake. Life is FULL of mistakes, learn from what you’ve done and move on. Be willing to make that next mistake.

Because sometimes, it’s only in our mistakes that we find the creativity that will spur us on.


2 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. I made a two-layer cake for my daughter when she was but a wee thing. It fell … hard. We decorated the layers anyway, put them together in a hodgepodge way. My daughter told everyone at the party her cake was melting and they had to eat it right away. We still joke about the ‘melting’ cake, which I have to say, tasted pretty darn good.

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