Louder than Words — REVIEW


Louder than words
What an incredibly sad, horrible, mean, beautiful, sappy, unsappy romantic book. At it’s base, the story is about learning to handle what life throws at you. Ellen had a rough hand dealt to her, she also had am Ace up her sleeve, Rex.

And it’s high school! That alone is a terrifying ride of conclusion jumping atmosphere that occurs like no other. I cannot say I loved the entire book because make no mistake, it was a hard read in places. The type of read that stings your hands as you try in vain to hold the book out in front of you and yet still read it.

It was life, just as it’s thrown at you: violently, patiently, sweetly and with a terrifying sadness that only time and the knowledge that you did the right thing in the right way can happen. And even then, you can have doubts.
Ellen may not have had all the answers but in the end, she found she had the courage to do what she needed to and isn’t that what we’re striving for? A little courage?

I didn’t open this book immediately. In that sixth sense type of way I get when I know the book will be very good that it will change my perceptions in subtle and not so subtle ways.

I held it off.

Kept it at bay.. then I opened the book.

I’m glad I did.


2 thoughts on “Louder than Words — REVIEW

  1. It is in my TBR pile. I know i’ll have to read it soon in the same way I opened The Fault in Our Stars…very, very carefully and prepared to take the rollercoaster ride.

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