Thanksgiving traditions

turkey 1
Traditions change. Every year it seems, a new one springs up and then your holiday is changed.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was Turkey on the table and my immediate family seated around the table. The meal itself was basic, but we always had Mom’s good china to eat it on.

When I was a single parent, the tradition became just my son and myself and that Turkey!
When I met my husband, it changed again.

Now it’s at the In-laws. The Turkey is cooked their way, as is the mashed potatoes. Gravy always made in the lid on top of the stove.
Over the years, so many things have changed, and so many have stayed the same. It’s the changes that make it interesting. Who will be at the table, what dish did they bring, what are they thankful for this year?

But I’m curious about other traditions. I’ve heard of crab for dinner on Thanksgiving, Ham. One of my relatives, (We miss you Ray Baptista!) often told me a story of eating Limburger cheese on bread with his sister. One of his favorite memories. And while I can’t swear it was on Thanksgiving.. It’s still a beautiful memory.
So come on, tell me. What are your Thanksgiving traditions?


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving traditions

  1. I’ve run the Turkey Trot 5k Thanksgiving morning every year since I was in high school . . . it’s fun carrying on that tradition with our daughters now, both of them beat me yesterday, guess that’s the next tradition as I’m getting older and they’re getting faster 🙂

  2. My hubby and I used to spend the night in New Orleans, eat turkey with all the fixings at Denny’s and hop on a plane to Cancun. When we moved north, Mr Wonderful would cook a turkey with all the fixings just for us and we would gorge ourselves on leftovers and football. I love it. Since moving south, we are close to his parents, so we go there and do turkey with all fixings, family and football. After this year, we are thinking of creating a new tradition. I think it may be time for a holiday cruise. ^_^

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