B is for Book

B is for books of which I own lots. I have my favorites like Anne McCaffrey, Robert Asprin, Grace Livingston Hill. I also have hundreds of lesser-known favorites. F. M. Buzby comes to mind. He wrote a disturbing, heartfelt, twisted sci-fi romance that sticks in my head today (His Rissa series). I’m also a huge Patricia Wrede fan. Her Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Soon to be out in Kindle) got my son through the seventh grade. It’s a huge book (4 tiny books put together). My son carried to school every day for a solid year. He lived in that world. I don’t blame him; it’s a very fun world to live in. I also enjoy her Sorcery and Cecelia (the Enchanted Chocolate Pot) books. I’ve complete shelves of Heinlein, Elizabeth Moon, and Anne McCaffrey.
Yes, they each have their own shelf and in the case of McCaffrey, she has two.

Each series, each book meant something to my former self. I grew up reading these books, and they have shaped my writing, some more than others. I’ve lived in their land, breathed as their characters breathed and fell in love.

B is also for a book dear to my heart. Skydreamer.  A book that took me years to write, a book that is infinitely dear to my heart and a book that is now booking blog tours.

skydreamer finalSkydreamer Blog Tour Button Final


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