D is for Dragon’s.

D is for Danger, Dragons, and Draven Winterbourn

D is for DRAGON. It goes without saying that Dragons are dangerous. Any being that can breath fire while in a temper tantrum must be considered extremely (danger)ous.

Dragons are also sneaky, tricky and darn right handsome. Oh wait, did I say that last part. I guess if you’re a shape-shifting dragon, it must be a job requirement to be handsome to the nth H.O.T. degree.

That brings me to Draven Winterbourn, the king of the Dragon-Changers. Draven is the keeper of the Dragon-Changer laws. He is also devilishly handsome with steel gray eyes, light brown hair you itch to run your fingers through, that lean muscled up body.
And did I mention he turns into a large fire-breathing black dragon with sharp teeth and six foot long leathery wings?

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