What is a book?

Do you ever get tired of reading the same old plot?

They meet. They fall in love. They break up? What if I told you there was more to a book than the normal standard boring plot? Wouldn’t you like to read one that has a little more to it? Like love or laughter maybe some anger or tears thrown into the mix?

What if there were a few dragons or a griffon? Would you read it then?

Take Skydreamer for example. It’s a book about a girl who meets a boy. but that would be as little to simplistic wouldn’t it? Because inside these pages, so more much more stuff happens like Griffons who attack and Dragon-changers with bigotry problems and a best friend who turns into an enemy or a girl who jumped off a dragon in mid-flight…

Oh but you say, “What about the romance?” No problem. I got you covered.

So these two hot guys who happen to be royalty, marry these two hardworking girls who are raising their baby sister. and two completely different romances occur.

Then this heartbreaking emergency happens And then they have one hell of a problem to solve.

It’s a book that is hard to sum it up in just a short sound bite But why should we?

It’s Skydreamer.

skydreamer final


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