Top Four Reasons Why I Write Romance



Blog post.

People often ask me why I write Romance so today I thought I’d give you four reasons why.


It’s the little details that make a romance, and I love writing those little details. Like when two strangers gaze at each other from across the room. The serving of a cup of coffee to the cute guy you’ve been eyeing.

Each romance is different and unique. Some couples only get together at the end of a book; I remember wanting Skydreamer to be different. I wanted to see a couple face insurmountable odds, together. When I wrote Skydreamer, the hero and heroine, Jaden and Draven had a simple romance. Unfortunately for them, life threw a lot at them, but this couple conquered insurmountable odds to be together at the end.

There is a warm squishy feeling you get when your “chosen” couple comes together for the first time. I “fall” in love with them. Sure this romance is all in my head for while I write the story, but it’s there. And I love jumping on that wild ride as each couple falls for each other.

My number one reason for writing romance is that I’m a sucker for a good happy ever after. And I know if I’m the one writing it, this happily ever after will happen.

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