Diets and other things


A friend asked me how my diet was going, and I told her the truth.

I crashed and burned Sunday night and ate everything in the house.

Her sad silence did not bother me, neither did the sudden, “oh no. We’ll get you back on track.”

And to her getting to your goal weight is the successful rough. To me? Changing a lifetime of bad habits is the goal. I don’t  need to get back back on track. Why?  Because I’m older now, a wee bit wiser. I know myself better than I did a few years ago.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m not an emotional eater. I’m not going to pretend that I got this way by eating clean every day of my life. I didn’t. And i’m not going to pretend that I have ruined my diet by a one day slip.

The fact is. I’m human. I cry, I make mistakes, I eat brownies after calls from my Mother-in-law.

I also know that eating badly for one night isn’t the end of my diet. It’s just going to take me longer to get to my goal. That of being a healthy eater.

It takes a while for a person to change bad habits but beating yourself up over slips in life is pointless.

Change, grow, be yourself, take your time getting there. It’s the journey I’m undertaking. And for once, I’m ready to take it.brownie


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