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Heat Wave Blog Hop
July 18th – 22nd

Roane Publishing’s Grand Prize:

Free feedback on a chapter AND a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


Simple Things is so excited that i’m offering up one printed copy of Skydreamer. Here’s a little bit about it..


“We won’t need another Travel Sphere,” he says. “I know a short cut. Everyone on board.” He reaches for Adania and she takes his hand, clutching her handkerchief tight to her chest with the other. Seriosu blue eyes watch his every move. “Need help getting in?”

Draven doesn’t wait for an answer. He picks her up and tosses her high in the air before catching her and placing her in the front seat. Her infectious giggle rings out like bells. He surprises me by spinning me around before sliding me down his  hard body. His kiss brushes my lips just as my feet touch the ground, then I’m in the air again and plopped down next to Adania with a resounding whoosh.

“Now,” he says, grinning, “this is the most important thing to remember.” He reaches over my shoulder to ruffle Adania’s hair. “Don’t fall out.”

Draven disappears toward the back. For a few moments, all is quiet. Then, the wagon lurches forward and my stomach drops to the souls of my feet.

“The ground is moving!” Adania screams. “We’re in the air!”
Above us is the smooth underbelly of a huge black dragon and all I can do is stare in awe. When Adania squeals to be set free, I realize that Isla is clutching her arm so tight, the delicate flesh is turning red. “Isla, ease up on your grip, Adania isn’t going anywhere.”

In truth, we’re packed so tightly into the narrow front seat, there is little fear of any of us moving so much as an inch. I lean over the side to absorb the never-ending view.

My gaze follows the long, winding river stretching across the mass of greenness, which is the Plains of Ovlur beneath us. While over our heads, directly above us, is my husband.


I’m married to someone who can change his form with a single thought and can fly.

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Roane Publishing’s Grand Prize: Free feedback on a chapter AND a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Sheryl Winters GiveawaySo what am I giving away… A Roane Publishing Gift Certificate valued at 15.00!

How do we enter? Just leave me a comment about which Sheryl Winters character is your favorite and why?

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