2010-09-13 14.24.08Alaska
No doubt you are curious about where I live. Many are.
I’ve been told some strange things about Alaska.
Things like.. we live in Igloo’s and have sled dog teams to get us to work.

That the northern lights are always shining over our houses.

Our streams are rich with Salmon.
But the reality is far different.
Our streams do run with Salmon.. and combat fisherman.
We rent to many Netflix videos, and we don’t use sled dogs to get to work.
I own a beetle and while the winter is a little nippy for it.
It does get me wherever I need to go.
We have Target and … Super Walmart.
We’re boring. More of us have four wheelers than we do snow machines.
And–yes, we’re just like everyone else.


But that’s not really true is it?
I took a good look around my state last night and discovered a few things
(No, not the northern lights.)
My Boss is an ex Iditarod musher.
I know more than one Caribou hunter.. (who bags their limit every year).
I own a four wheeler (don’t judge, you have an Ex-Box)
We snow machining, dirt bike, four wheeling race and Moose Caribou hunt.
We’ve also got snow and wind and rain and freezing weather, and we’re the land of a million lakes..
Welcome to my Alaska.


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