I’m a failure kind of girl and I admit it.

I make mistakes sometimes they are so small that only I notice them, they’ve also been known to come in medium sized or even the gigantic variety.
But…. I cook well.

Except for that cake I made yesterday.

All I did was open the oven to peek inside. I didn’t mean to shut the door so hard but the dog was barking and the phone was ringing.

The cake came out of the oven like a twisted martian landscape. Didn’t bother my husband at all, he added extra frosting and declared it good.
What does this have to do with making mistakes? A lot!

It’s okay!
It’s okay if that light pink cake icing turned Barney purple.
It’s okay if you forgot to get the laundry dry cleaned.

We live in a world full of people willing to chastise us publicly for the smallest thing out of place. It could be the color of your lipstick or your latest hair color. Vilifying us for that paper accidentally filed wrong.

Failure is a word. It’s not a belief system, so many people in this world, are afraid of making a mistake. Life is FULL of mistakes, learn from what you’ve done and move on. Be willing to make that next mistake.

Because sometimes, it’s only in our mistakes that we find the creativity that will spur us on.


I believe

I believe that if we touched the person next to us, we might make a difference.
And that if the road ahead is hard and paved with stones,
then it’s mine to travel.
And I believe that if we try harder than we’ve ever tried before,
the path in front of us will straighten out and become easier.
And I believe if you need a helping hand and you reach out…
You’ll always find mine.






There are days in which no matter what I say…

It comes out wrong.
No matter what I write…
It takes a turn for the worse..
It’s days like these that i’m reminded

as I pick up my pen to try again,

Of one tiny fact.

All I ever have to do is the best that I can.

It doesn’t matter if someone else thinks I can do better.
They do not live in my head.
They do not live in this body.
It’s simple folks.
Pick up your pen and try again.


Leap of Faith

Leap of faith.

Writing is a leap of faith. From the very act of placing pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard a writer takes a leap of faith. Assuming before you start that you will have that magical beginning, middle and end. You jump into that beyond. Leaping I find, means so many different things to different people.

To a writer, leaping often means becoming published, or completing a story. To others, it might mean cleaning out that closet or looking for a new job.

Leaping into that unknown, into the fire is scary. The road twists and turns and the bugbears are huge but if you allow it. If you go into the world with your eyes wide open you can find that the path is not as scary as you thought.  Often we allow the world to scare us away from what we want to do.

Have you taken a leap of faith lately? If so, with what? Did you learn a new language, get a new job, take a new jogging path? How did it work out for you?

Fishing and other thoughts on writing!

I love fishing in the summer. If the day is warm, or even slightly sunny. You’ll often find me on the river bank. Like a chubby white dwarf in Neoprene. Dreaming of dragons and other fun story ideas as I cast away.

There is something peaceful of the simple repetitiveness of fishing. I can stay on the river bank for hours, just fishing/dreaming away.

Writing in some ways reminds me of a rushing river. When it’s good it flows downstream in a beautiful bubbling pattern, meandering it’s way down a mysterious trail beckoning me to follow.

Then I hit a setback, (a  snag) and I’m suddenly seven years old again. Stomping my feet, angry at the world because  my fishing pole is way to big for my little hands and I can never find help when I need it.

We hit snags in real life to, not just on torn branches on the opposite bank.

Like when we go to the grocery store and realized we’ve overspent. Hours later, we’re back at home furiously crunching numbers trying to figure out how to balance our checkbook/bank card and worse, how did it get all messed up in the first place?

When I hit snags while writing, I usually have the worst self pity break down ever. (ask my husband, he will agree). I stomp, I shout, I cry, I get frustrated, irritated, opinionated and more. All because i’ve struck a wall i’ve never seen before. One that looks impenetrable and i’m unable to break through it, or can I?

Sometimes it takes research. Sometimes, a little more applications or just looking at my problem in a different light.

If your facing your wall today, your snag and desperately pulling on that line trying to come up with your solution, then take a step back.. and breath. I might be there in that same spot, breathing deep with you.

I firmly believe there is a solution to every problem but it might take a while for us to figure it out. Tomorrow or the next day your solution might come to you. Perhaps, it will take a few more days or a month, but if you believe and keep trying, you’ll get there.

We both will.


Anything but the dishes


2007-01-01 00.00.36



This is the practical side to writing.


  1. Show and Tell
  2. Death to Adverbs
  3. Everyone’s right and your way is wrong.


The remembering of details can seem overwhelming. What to remember when writing an article, short story, or even long story. Who is right, when your reading a critique.


There is another side to publishing that most people forget.


It’s that long and lonely path to publication. It’s where the majority of us quit. It’s confusing, frustrating and at times makes you heart sick.


Skydreamer took longer than I estimated to write.


Beta readers quit.


Some continued and then… offered no suggestions.


Editors have cost me much more than I’ve budgeted and given back so much less than they could have. More than one has quit.


I often feel as if I’m on a road full of pebbles, barefoot, inching my way towards progress.


There are days when it seems that everyone around me is living my dream and I take great courage in that thought because I have a life that has never been strewn with flowers. I will always need that one extra step, I will always feel as if everyone else has jumped over my hurdle with a good two foot clearance to spare.


I am still on my road to progress. Skydreamer is at yet another editor. Maybe it will work, maybe it will take another ten tries. My footsteps are always a little to the left of everyone else’s, a little further apart. My goals are the same, my struggles are the same and I’ll get there. Maybe a little slower than everyone else but the journey will be just as rewarding.


To those who are walking side by side with me. Those of you who have hurdles you feel will never be crossed, this post is for you.  We can do it. I firmly believe that we can do anything we put our minds to, except perhaps the dishes but even that’s okay, because we’re writer’s. We had better something better planned for today anyway!






Every now and then a craft project comes my way. I foolishly decided that yes, I CAN do this one!

Meah, it turned out okay.

I’ve made Bunny Pens (they worked okay, but Spreckles (male) kept figuring out how to get into Oreo (the female’) cage. Thank goodness he was fixed and he didn’t know it. Need I say DRUGS?

I made a table. It worked out fine, except my poor dear husband had to help me redo the entire bottom half. ( I built it strong enough for a platoon to jump on it.. then realized I couldn’t move it!)  IMG_0433

but I can’t do crafts.  Knitting (carpal tunnel), crocheting (see knitting), scrap-booking, … It’s a source of amusement for everyone who see’s it!

So of course, I foolishly decided that I could create a Family Birthday board.  Names and family members, I spruced it up by adding butterflies (It appears you can add to many butterflies).  It turned out….. well, you have to see it to know how it turned out.  Kinda okay with a sad twist to it.


and an important reminder for the hubby …bday

Interesting feature of today’s craft. It was made from a left board from a book case I made about 10 years ago. I cut, I stained, I varnished. I liked the extra board so much, I kept it. I also used old scrap booking material, embroidery thread from my attempts at cross stitching.

What’s the moral? (good question!) The moral is. You can create, it may not look professional, it may not even look good in some cases. Just try, you’ll never know what craft item you can make unless you try it! And if you don’t like it.. its okay, next week, we’ll explore the many ways to get rid of a bad crafting attempt!