Writing a book takes a lot of time.

Time, that I could be spending, doing the dishes, the laundry or even cleaning the house.

Time, I take away from my husband, my son, my friends.

I gave up TV, Video games, reading, and I had a book a day habit.  (Yes, you read that right!)

I gave it up to live in a land created by my imagination, to soar in the sky with imaginary dragons or throw fireballs at clouds.

Time is a finite space, and we only have so much of it. Make time, just a little bit today, to do something you want to. Whether it’s vacuuming the carpets, doing the dishes, or learning photography. Make sure  you’ve done something today that you genuinely want to do.

If my life ends today, I’ll be grateful. For friends who have come into my life, for husbands who allows me dream at the tips of my fingertips and for time, time to do so many wonderful and imaginary things in life.

What are you making time for?